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The name of the company:Wujiang city modern aluminum industry co., LTD                  
Address:Wujiang city of jiangsu province qingyun
            Tianfeng road town111#
Contacts:Mr Dai
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The phone:0512—63860254
·9On the global alumina prices continue to test
·Developed by southwest aluminum alloy magnesium assay to succeed
·A new measuring method of the industry, was born in chalco shandong enterprises
·Quick release copper smelting capacity in the next two years
·New aluminium matrix composite materials to fill the domestic blank
·Chinalco:Join the global resource integration
 Wujiang city modern aluminum industry co., LTD. Is located in China's economy The land of high-speed development——Wujiang city, jiangsu province economic belt of the south of jiangsu province。Close to318National highway and suzhou and hangzhou highway,South to hangzhou,East in only one hour's drive from Shanghai,Taihu lake is located in known as a paradise on earth,Convenient highway,The traffic is very convenient。Around the mature economy industry development……
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